The secret syllabus I wish I had written. [Link]

Sonya Huber jettisoned the rules of typical syllabi, and wrote the unseen subtext of learning that lies behind them. It reads like a secret syllabus for any college class, and I wish I had written it. Read it here. It’s worth the five minutes, especially as another academic year begins. Here are my favorite lines. There are many more.

1. I’ll tell you exactly how to get an A, but you’ll have a hard time hearing me.

2. I could hardly hear my own professors when I was in college over the din and roar of my own fear.

3. Those who aim for A’s don’t get as many A’s as those who abandon the quest for A’s and seek knowledge or at least curiosity.

22. Students are surprised by this fact: I really really really want you to learn. Like, that’s my THING. Really really a lot.

33. Secret: I have to plan first and THEN abandon the plan while still remembering its outline.

Hat tip to Amanda Sewell (Twitter: @amjsew) for sharing this, which is how I found it. 

Posted on August 21, 2014 .