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Interview on A Musical Life Podcast

I was recently interviewed for a classical music podcast called "A Musical Life," with Hugh Sung. You can listen to it on your favorite podcast app, at Hugh's website, or right here in this YouTube version (it's an audio only podcast):

In the interview, I share with him all of my latest thinking about how you—a musician trying to build a consistent career—can learn from stories of the great musicians of the past. 

In this extended interview, we discuss many things, such as:

  • the role that difference and distinction play in your career success
  • what we can learn from Haydn's ability to adapt his writing style based on a changing marketplace
  • how P. T. Barnum went about exploiting modern technology and branding to promote Jenny Lind, netting the largest payday for a touring artist ever...and how you might do the same today.

I also tell several stories from history, and discuss some of the performing ensembles that are getting it right with regard to promotion these days.

Yoda Would Never Say This to Young Musicians (On Arts and Entrepreneurship)

Yoda would never say this to a young musician apprentice:

“Are you an artist or an entrepreneur? Choose you must.”

He also wouldn’t say: 

“Anger, fear, entrepreneurship. The dark side of the Force are they.”

But he might say: 

“You must unlearn what you have learned.”

When I was growing up, practicing my Bach and Chopin...