Mozart statue Vienna

In the Footsteps of Mozart

Study Abroad to Prague and Vienna

Central Washington University

Summer 2019, MUS 398

Europe Trip: June 11–June 24, 2019

“In the Footsteps of Mozart” is a faculty-led study abroad course (MUS 398) in the summer term. Learn about one of history’s most fascinating musical minds, Mozart, and his influence on music and culture in two of the great cities of Europe. Travel to Prague and Vienna (the City of Music) and experience magnificent cathedrals, attend opera performances, visit museums, and see the palaces that supported the music of Mozart and other important composers.

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Trip Highlights
(schedule subject to change)

  • Attend an opera in a Viennese Theater

  • Visit Heiligenstadt, where Beethoven wrote his famous Heiligenstadt Testament

  • Visit the Musical Instrument Museum in Prague

  • Attend an opera in Prague, in the opera house where Mozart conducted the premiere of The Mozart of Figaro


Projected Itinerary


$ = out of pocket expense for students, not included in the trip budget

* = Provided/invoiced/booked by Anglo-American or Webster Vienna University


Monday, June 10

Depart Seattle for Prague ($)


Tuesday, June 11

All day                        Arrival

7:30 pm                       *Welcome Dinner


Wednesday, June 12

8:30 am                       *Breakfast at AAU Cafe

9:30 – 11:30 am          *Lecture I: W. A.Mozart (Mark Samples, Kateřina Vaňová)            

12:00 – 13:00 pm        *Lunch at AAU Cafe

Afternoon                    *Thematic Prague tour “Mozart in Prague”,including visitto Mozart Museum “Bertramka” and/oractivity by the Mozart Community in Prague


18:00                           Dinner at Malá strana($)

Evening                       *Mozart Concert (Estates Theater, National Theater or Church depending on availability) with AAU professor (brief about historyof theater building)     


Thursday, June 13

8:30 am                       *Breakfast at AAU Cafe

9:30 – 11:30 am          *Lecture II: Dvořák (Mark Samples, Kateřina Vaňová)        

12:00 – 13:00 pm        *Lunch at AAU Cafe

Afternoon                    *Visit of the Antonín Dvořák museum at Vyšehrad

18:00                           Dinner in the Old Town ($)

Evening                       *Dvořák Concert (Rudolfinum concert hall or alternative venue depending on availability) with AAU professor (brief about historyof theater building)     



Friday, June 14

8:30 am                       *Breakfast at AAU Cafe

9:30 – 11:30 am          *Lecture III: Bedřich Smetana(Mark Samples, Kateřina Vaňová)   

12:00 – 13:00 pm        *Lunch at AAU Café

Afternoon                    *Visit of Music Instrument Museum and/orThe Academy of Performing Arts of Prague (Music concentration)


                                    *Tour of Jewish Quarter

18:00                           Dinner at the New Town ($)

Evening                       *Smetana concert (State Opera or alternative venue depending on availability)


Saturday, June 15

8:00 am                       Breakfast (location TBD) ($)

9:00                             *Transfer to Nelahozevec Castle – Lobkowicz Collections (45 min from Prague)

10:00                           *Historical introduction to the National Cultural Monument of the Lobkowicz Collections, including shortvisit of the Antonín Dvořák birth house (Dita Baker, Head of Administration of Lobkowicz Collections)

10:30                           *Curator Presentation of the Musical Archives of the Lobkowicz Collections and their current catalogization(Curator Petr Slouka)

12:00 – 13:00 pm        *Lunch (location TBD) and transfer back to Prague

Afternoon                    *Visit of the Lobkowicz Palace at Prague Castle including lecture “Mozart in the Lobkowicz Collections, viewing of the original Mozart manuscript of the re-orchestration of Georg Fridrich Händel’s  Messiah, brief about the connection of Ludwig van Beethoven to the Lobkowicz family (Curator Petr Slouka)


18:00                           *Farewell dinner at La Favola restaurant in the Lobkovicz Palace

Evening                       Night Out in Prague ($)


Sunday, June 16

Free day in Prague: suggested visit orchestral mass in a.m.; souvenirs/gifts ($)


Monday, June 17[could also swap Saturday’s itinerary with this one]

8:00 am                       Breakfast (location TBD) ($)

9:00                             *Transfer to St. Vitus Cathedral; tour gardens, cathedral

12:00 – 13:00              Lunch near Prague Castle ($)

Afternoon                    *Tour Prague castle

                                    Dinner ($)

Evening                       Eveningfree in Prague, pack etc. ($)


Tuesday, June 18

Check out of Anglo-American Housing

Breakfast at Prague Main Train Station (Woodrow Wilson memorial and Historical Art Nouveau Train Station Hall) ($)

*Transfer to Vienna Main Station by train (leave early, around 6:00)


Webster University Vienna


$ = out of pocket expense for students, not included in the trip budget

* = Provided/invoiced/booked by Webster University (WU)



Tuesday June 18

Noon: * - Check into Webster University Housing, Vienna (10 Nights)

* - Purchase a multi-day transportation pass at kiosk in Vienna Train Station ($)

Lunch ($)

Afternoon:), Intro to Vienna Hop on/Hop off Bus (JP) 

Dinner ($)


Wednesday June 19

Breakfast ($)

Morning: Short lecture on Schönbrunn grounds; Schönbrunn tour

Lunch in Vienna ($)

Afternoon: Mark Samples Aida lecture (Webster)

Dinner ($)

Evening: Opera at Vienna State Opera House, Aida


Thursday June 20

Breakfast ($)

*Lecture (Music in Vienna: Haydn and Mozart), Karlsplatz (JP) 9:00 – 11:30 lecture

*Group Lunch at Café Central

 Afternoon: Vienna music walk (Schubert birth house, Mahler’s grave) (JP)

Dinner ($)


Friday June 21

Breakfast ($)

Mozarthaus/ St. Stephens

Lunch ($)

Afternoon free ($)

Dinner ($)


Saturday June 22

Breakfast ($)

* Morning: Lecture Beethoven, Mark Samples 8:00 – 11:00 (3 hours) 

Lunch ($)

Afternoon: *Beethoven Pasqualatihaus (13:00), travel to Heiligenstadt, * Beethovenhaus at 16:00

* Evening: Mayer heuriger (restaurant) for group farewell dinner (Heiligenstadt) 18:00-21:00


Sunday, June 23

Breakfast ($)

Morning: Suggested activity attend a mass

Lunch (early afternoon) with Group Reflection Time

Dinner ($)

Evening: Free 


 Monday, June 24

Breakfast ($)

Check out of Webster University Housing (official end of program)

Depart Vienna International Airport (VIE) for Seattle ($)



Vienna Suggested additional activities:

Attend a concert or mass in one of the beautiful Churches

              St. Stephens

              St. Peters

 St. Charles

Watch an opera at the State Opera House live outside of the venue for free (Fri/Sat)!

Find a favorite Café, order a coffee (ask for “eine Mélange bitte”), sit and enjoy the locals

              Café Pruckel (Stubenring 24)

              Café Central (Herrengasse 14)


Arnold Schoenberg Center

Austrian National Library (Beautiful interior)

Museum of Fine Arts

Museum of Natural History

Leopold Collection (Expressionist art)

Belvedere Palace

City Hall


Ideas on how to raise funds

  • Write a letter to all of your relatives asking them to support you on this trip

  • Communicate with the financial aid office to see what funds are available to support this experience

  • Ask civic groups in your hometown for support

  • Ask for “Cash for the Mozart trip” for Holiday and birthday gifts

  • The group can fundraise together (car wash, bake sale, special concert featuring Mozart’s music, etc.)

  • Go fund

  • Facebook/social media appeals

  • There are others…be creative!


Course Faculty

Mark C. Samples  Assistant Professor of Music

Mark C. Samples
Assistant Professor of Music

Todd Shiver  Interim Dean, College of Arts and Humanities

Todd Shiver
Interim Dean, College of Arts and Humanities

Frequently Asked Questions

These answers come from Matthew Zielsdorf, in the Office of International Study. Contact him directly with any further questions about the process.

What is the exact process of payment and application of financial aid? When/how will financial aid payment be disbursed to them? Do they put this on a credit card and then get a check when summer rolls around?

  • Once we have the final cost of the program, then we will post fees to students’ accounts.

  • Each fee will have a specific due date, as stated in the budget.

  • Students can pay these fees as they would any other CWU fee – online or in-person (not sure they accept payments over the phone anymore).

  • After we have the final cost and student roster, I will create a “Certificate of Participation” (COP) that will outline the various program-related expenses. I email this to the Financial Aid Office.


Does a student need to fill out a FAFSA for summer if they filled one out for AY 18-19? What if they didn’t apply for financial aid in AY 18-19?

  • Financial Aid will use the COP when crafting each student’s individual aid for the quarter. After this document is sent to FA, the students can meet with a counselor (Maribel Castellanos) to discuss their aid situation.

  • To qualify for summer aid, students must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 credits.

  • As far as I understand, students don’t need to fill out an additional FAFSA since summer is considered part of the AY 18-19.

  • If a student didn’t apply for financial aid for AY 18-19, I would advise them to contact the FAO to discuss their options.

  • Financial aid (state and federal aid) for the program will be disbursed at the beginning of the quarter or 10 days prior to the program start date, whichever is later. Scholarships and private loans may vary, because the FAO needs to confirm with donor/lender.

  • Financial aid refunds will be processed as they would for any other quarter. Refunds should be available within two weeks of the financial aid disbursement date.

  • Since summer aid for the program won’t be available until after the payment deadlines, students will essentially “reimburse” themselves once they receive their aid.


What funding opportunities are available for students? Are there grants? Cost is a make-or-break factor for students who I have talked to.

  • Our office offers two study abroad scholarships – the James and Dionysia Study Abroad Scholarship (up to $500) and the Study Abroad and Exchange Programs Scholarship ($500). March 1 is the deadline for both applications. Students can apply for these through the Scholarship Central portal.

  • Scholarship Central acts as a database for various scholarships. Students can search for and apply to scholarships through at site.

  • There are also other online scholarship databases, such as,,,, and IIE. IIE lists grants in addition to scholarships.

  • Crowdsourcing is another option – one site is

  • Sometimes departments/colleges may have money available to students who study abroad.