Eyes Up: Phone Lock-Screen Images

I made these a while ago and keep one on my lock screen (currently I have green) to remind me to stay off of my phone and pay attention to the world around me. Feel free to download, use, and share.

EYES UP green_mark samples.PNG
EYES UP pink_mark samples.PNG
EYES UP red_mark samples.PNG
EYES UP yellow_mark samples.PNG

Composer Slides

Late one night, I was creating yet another presentation for a music history lecture. I thought to myself: “Wouldn't it be nice to have a collection of composer title slides that I could use without modification?” Such a collection didn't exist, so I set out to make my own.

The results are the slides you see below, provided here as a free resource for any music teacher, student, or aficionado to use. If you like them, please download them and use them in your own presentations. (Students, check with your teachers to make sure that using these files is within the bounds of your assignment.) See the bottom of this page for tips on downloading and using these slides, and leave a comment to let me know what you think of them.

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Satie-Mark Samples Composer Slides

Tips for Downloading

For Mac Users: Click on a photo to enlarge. Click and drag the image to your desktop. Alternatively, ctrl-click and select “Download Linked File As...”

For Windows Users: Right-Click and select “Save File As.”

How to Make a Presentation in Under 5 Minutes

There are many ways to use these files; here’s one: put three composer slides in sequence in your presentation software (I use Apple's Keynote). Make sure to resize the image so that it fills the entire screen. Add a title slide using Helvetica Neue font, bold, and you're done with the visual portion of your presentation!

Pro Tip: Great presentations often have very little text, leaving space for an engaging verbal presentation. If you need to communicate lots of written content, create an outline and provide it as a handout.

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