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Awesome musicians from the University of Oregon MIC

Awesome musicians from the University of Oregon MIC

Photo by Athena Delene

Photo by Athena Delene

A lot of professional musicians don’t know what to do when it comes to turning their talent into income. So I developed the Creative Arts Entrepreneur’s Path, a system that teaches you the strategies, concepts, and techniques you need to finally have a career that is both artistically fulfilling and financially sustainable.

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About Mark


Mark C. Samples teaches courses in music history and musicology at Central Washington University. He received his PhD in musicology, with a secondary area in ethnomusicology, from the University of Oregon. Interested in how musicians think about and utilize branding in practice, his research results in academic and general interest articles, talks, and workshops on the topic. For updates on his work, check out his blog or follow on Twitter. See his faculty bio on CWU’s website here.


Mark teaches music history and ethnomusicology at Central Washington University, and has taught on a broad range of topics—from medieval notation to musical minimalism, the Romantics to Ravi Shankar, film music to countercultural music in the 1960s. Check out the resources page for educational resources he’s created, including the collection of free-to-use composer slides he designed.


Mark has given his workshop, “Branding for Musicians: Know Yourself, Tell Your Story,” for student and professional musicians at Southern Methodist University Meadows School for the Arts, the University of Oregon School of Music and Dance, the Music Teachers National Association annual meeting, among other venues. To bring him to your institution, please contact him through the connect page.


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