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The Creative Arts Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

Next session of the course begins April 23, 2018. (This is the first time I've opened up the bootcamp in over a year.)

The Creative Arts Entrepreneurship Bootcamp is an online video workshop for musicians, music teachers, and music entrepreneurs. This four-week workshop that teaches you how to turn your talent into income as a musician. This course is for you if want to:

  • start a music studio and get more quality students who will stay
  • develop your performing career and get more gigs
  • build an online music product or course that will bring you monthly income
  • or make your dream music business and create massive value for others

I remember when I started learning about what it takes to be an arts entrepreneur, about 10 years ago. I thought...

  • I don't know how to start a business...
  • I was scared to ask for a sale.
  • I thought that I was not "born" to be an entrepreneur, because...well, musicians are not supposed to be entrepreneurs, right?

Then I spent a couple thousand hours reading, learning, testing, and teaching entrepreneurship approaches and principles...and they worked. Consistently. In this course, I've given you the crash course version of the last 10 years of my career. You get just the good stuff. Keep reading to find out how, or just go ahead and sign up now, and I'll see you inside on April 23. 


When you register for the Creative Arts Entrepreneurship Bootcamp you get:

  • A confirmed place in the next bootcamp. The next bootcamp will begin on Monday, April 23. 
  • The course features four video sessions that you can watch at your convenience.
  • A new lesson of the CAE Bootcamp will be released every Monday for four total weeks. Each session is about an hour, but is broken into easy to digest shorter segments. 
  • If you can't make the live session, no problem. Downloadable videos will be provided after each session.
  • Watch the each lesson at the beginning of the week, then do the weekly challenges and activities to transform one major piece of your mindset or business each week.



Four Sessions, Four Weeks, A New Path for Your Career:

The CAE Bootcamp's 4 sessions are organized around four affirmations. These four statements lay a path forward to creating a financially sustainable career in the arts.

The next bootcamp begins Monday, April 23.


Session 1: "I know my core artistic values, and I act consistently with them."

  • Released Monday, April 23, 2018
  • How to articulate your artistic brand so that you create consistency and trust with your fans and customers.
  • Finally take the time to organize all of your sites and social media accounts...easily.
  • Step-by-step guide to organizing your brand online and live situations.
  • Brand coherence checklist.
  • Weekly challenge: overhaul your entire online image to make it consistent, coherent, and aligned with your core artistic values.

Session 2: "In every situation, I create massive value for others."

  • Released Monday, April 30, 2018
  • How to develop a mindset that creates massive value for others in every situation, leading to more opportunities, gigs, and paying customers.
  • Learn how to more clearly define your customer segments so that you can better serve them.
  • Why you must narrow your niche at first, not expand it, and actively allow prospects to disqualify themselves...all in order to create more raving fans.
  • Formulas and checklists for communicating your value and interacting with your fans.
  • Weekly challenge: the way to find out what's valuable ask.

Session 3: "I can start businesses in the creative arts industry."

  • Released Monday, May 7, 2018
  • I will teach you the four-stage entrepreneurship process to create products and services faster...and test whether anyone actually wants them.
  • I will share with you a distillation of the most important entrepreneurship skills for musicians and creative artists.
  • Important trends in the music and creative arts industry that will help you see clearly how to create more value for your customers and fans.
  • Weekly challenge: Use the four-stage entrepreneurship process to rapidly develop one valuable product or service.

Session 4: "I can have a career that is artistically fulfilling and financially sustainable."

  • Released Monday, May 14
  • Planning your career through the lens of your artistic desires and the value you can create for others.
  • The easy way to draft your business model that will help you see your entire business on one page.
  • How to balance social media, your website, and your email list, and an answer to the question: which of these is the most important?
  • Productivity habits and workflows for the creative arts entrepreneur.
  • The importance of deep work...and how to do it consistently.
  • Final weekly challenge: Create your dream plan for achieving your most important five-year career goals.

Plus I will be answering your questions throughout the workshop, so that the content will be more customized to your situation.


What's my investment?

For this first launch, the Creative Arts Entrepreneurship Bootcamp is priced lower than it will ever likely be in the future.

  • I plan to eventually price it at $197 (about $50 per session), which will still be a great value.
  • For this special release, I am offering it for only $97.
  • That means you can figure out how to build your business, then use the $100 you save to pay for your web address and a subscription to a website platform such as Squarespace. 

The investment of $97 will get you:

  • Four extensive video training sessions, each broken into easy to digest parts.

  • Downloadable video recordings of each session for later review.

  • Priority response on all questions.

  • Library of checklists to help you implement course principles and action steps, so that you don't spin your wheels.

Plus two bonuses:

  • Branding for Musicians video workshop. *Included*

  • Crafting your Elevator Speech video workshop. *Included*


No-questions-asked, money-back guarantee.

If you don't love the material, or if you realize it's just not for you, just ask and I'll refund your money. As long as you ask for a refund before the third session, I'm happy to do it. I'll even let you keep the resources that you got up to that point!