Crafting Your Elevator Speech: Extra Resources

Musicians and dancers often struggle to explain what they do to others, the dreaded "elevator speech.” So I have reviewed the common approaches to the elevator speech, and found the one that I think will be most useful to you, so that the next time you’re at a party and someone asks, “what do you do?” you can answer with confidence.

This is a companion page to my workshop called "Crafting Your Elevator Speech." You can download the companion worksheet and access other resources below.

Download the worksheet.

Download the worksheet with answers.

Read my essay Why don't all classical music concerts provide child care? (One of the example problems mentioned in the workshop)

See an example of the elevator speech on a webpage: Parents Make Practice.


Other Elevator Speech Resources for Musicians

I learned about the 3-part Problem-Value-Benefit approach from Donald Miller at StoryBrand. See his explanation here.

Here is another approach from professional coach Astrid Baumgardner: The Musician's Elevator Pitch.